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Material Growth


Growth is a temporal definition of human existence.  We all see growth – knowing or not, just as all is growing known or not!   We do not need to see growth to know it occurs or has occurred.  You do not see your toenails grow but you know they do after they have.


As in the life we live we do not see the growth in our personal, professional, spiritual and material existence all the time.  But we yearn for it daily.  So what is growth?  How do we “do it” or better how do we allow ourselves to expand as the universe does to experience more and more understandings of life while we are living it?


Material allows us to enjoy while we play in the world! Material may include – possessions, desires, fame, fortune, money.


Do not hesitate to think you are only what you now know.  You have always been growing and expanding into the person you are.  Your system of Growth – Personal, professional, spiritual and material – has brought you to this point.


Time now has come for you to know more, to grow; to allow the unfolding of you, if you are willing.  That is what you seek:  the willingness of yourself to allow the creations of your dreams to manifest in this space we live in…what we call growth.


We all can do this; we all have the energy the eternal source the enlightenment of self to accomplish this.  Just as a horse may be brought to the trough to drink, it must first however be willing to do so!  Are you willing to drink from the senses of yourself to move beyond your past, know your self and allow your self the manifestations you have conjured?


If you are then we are ready to grow!  Your enlighten sources your eternal strength, your energy soul is YOU.  YES – You.  I am source.